Friday, January 1, 2010

Cannot be moved

I have tried to move the entry from December 12 that I mistakenly put on the wrong blog. Copying does not seem to work. It was about a project I started on the balcony trying some experimental dying of books. When I begain it refused to rain for well over a week. There was enough moisture in the air however to have some effect. Since then, it has rained plenty and snowed and frozen a couple of times. I will attempt to get them out to dry without turning the deck blackish purple. Then perhaps I will put some other papers in the "bath" to see what effect it all has. I used some powdered dye and some craft paint and some ink.

Meanwhile I bought a heavily discounted copy of Mapping the World, which is as large as any world atlas, but bound on the short side making the pages very wide. I've removed every third page to reduce weight, it is still too heavy. And I've gone onto Juliana Coles Etsy site and ordered her retreat booklet for the Altered Atlas.

I'm happy to see 2010 arrive under a blue moon. I hope that is auspicious. I would love a year of good solid creativity and the joy it always brings me. I always have a tendency to do too much or attempt to do too much, but I am not going to flagellate myself over that. Some things may be set aside for a time, but time is just an illusion, is it not? While the last year has been a difficult one in so many ways, it has also been a revelation. The past decade, the Aughties, has been as full of joy and pleasure just as deeply as the pain and loss. I am certain that every limit that I will now experience will be the catalyst for something new and wondrous.