Thursday, May 17, 2007

I have heard the mermaids singing

This is the beginning of my art blog. I've put off doing this for years and finally am ready to begin. I want to explore in some depth my artistic/creative process and uncover those elements one by one. Some that I've been aware of are pretty trivial, i.e. I always think better with a pen in my hand, whether I actually use it or not. I've been aware of that since my early twenties. Also that some sort of collaboration or conversation enhances my creativity.

I keep cards and pens with me whenever we go out, in case we (the other half of we is Gryphon) decide to idle over coffee, tea, pints, or martinis. Today it was Hillsdale McMenimins and pints.

The writing style is inspired by Donna from my Visual Journalling group, although mine is definately "rustic".

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