Thursday, September 20, 2007


Reclaiming the guest room. Well, space, actually. I have to get the bed together and leave room to walk and clear spaces. So far, I've found more things to do, projects to fondle, and things to coat with Golden Matte Medium. This room is a fright, especially with things drying on waxed paper all over the wee bit of floor that there is. Last week I sorted out a bit of the garage to finish sending Bhride's boxes and managed to locate quite a bit of fabric I'd forgotten about but it's so luscious I had to bring it in. My current fantasy? Having an elementary school classroom for my very own. How marvelous it would be to have a teacher's desk for my pens and writing things. All of those huge windows and counters and shelves, and 20 or so small desks to leave projects on. The cloakroom to fill with boxes. The chalkboards to keep reminders on. The bulletin boards to attach things to. Mail on one, photos on another, etc. The sink! The reading table to spread out large selections of things on. Good sturdy wastebaskets. An overhead projector to enlarge patterns with. A tile floor. And all of that glorious space. (Let's not think about asbestos...) That was fun, now back to my cloakroom sized room...

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