Monday, May 26, 2008

Volume 3

I didn't name this journal after another type of journal. It was transitional for me, again I paired themes and sometimes colors. And I used a spiral bound photo album with black pages.

I found amazing photos to illustrate the discovery of a new life -- one lived alone which I enjoyed for 6 months, long enough to be able to share again. Then my youngest daughter, Brooke, moved in with me which I really enjoyed.

This time was very quiet and pleasant and I enjoyed white bedding and white towels and no one running around after turning off lights. In fact, I kept the lights blazing.

I've never been afraid (much to my daughters' chagrin) of color.

I also paired photos of age - preparing, I suppose. Whenever I look back on this book, I can almost hear the creek rushing by (and under) my apartment. It was a marvelous place to rest and regroup. My prior journals had been a place to escape to, this one was just a place to be.

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very cool.